How do you keep yourself motivated in your own business? you have to think why make it a bigger WHY? Why are you doing this. you must dwell and ponder and ask yourself for what reason are you doing this whole bunch of business everyday.

This will help you find direction and reason for why do you work with. Think of things like how can I help millions of people, can I help the society or bigger and more atrocious dream. Next think of the Little why this is a why that thinks of the little thinks that help you and remind you everyday why you are doing this job. This can be your family, friends and the people around you. It’s not always the money. Money will always be there it will not help you fight if you’re already on the downfall and reach a bump in the road.

Third, environment and routine , I am a huge fan of the idea that you are part of the environment when you think of the things like I am having the same impact with my parents and friends in this world you have to break that Idea by changing your routine . If you want to achieve greatness. You have to surround your self with greatness. If you can’t do that search for famous and successful people. Try to learn from their greatness. For example Michael “The Goat” Jordan said that ” Success only follows if you believe” like this if we try to surround our thoughts and up our competitive fire we will soon achieve our goal.

So cheer up, grow in strength because your dream is drawing near!