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Www.findcourierrates.comBook reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to void any and all activity of any participant that Www.findcourierrates.comBook believes has attempted to tamper with, influence, or impair the administration, security, fairness, or proper use of any of its websites or designated communications. By visiting any of Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s websites or designated communications, users agree to be bound by this policy without exception.

Www.findcourierrates.comBook will not collect personally identifiable information from our donors – name, address, e-mail address or telephone number — without the express consent of the individual(s) as provided on the forms used by Www.findcourierrates.comBook to collect such information. Donors may restrict how the information is used by indicating individual preferences, including opting out of having information stored and used for any reason other than follow-up correspondence.

Www.findcourierrates.comBook does not share donor information with other organizations for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Information collected by Www.findcourierrates.comBook is used to respond to requests and provide better service to individuals using the website.

Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s on-line e-commerce processing system allows for safe donations and purchases. The system collects name, address, phone, credit card number and expiration date in order to process transactions. The encryption technology, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), offers the highest level of security available on the Internet today. Www.findcourierrates.comBook has state-of-the-art firewalls and other security technology in place to provide confidentiality for all transactions.

Donors may contact Www.findcourierrates.comBook at any time to review personal information collected and request corrections.


Member Privacy Policy

General Statement

Www.findcourierrates.comBook is dedicated to providing our members with an extraordinary level of service. As such, Www.findcourierrates.comBook is dedicated to keeping information that you provide us safe and secure. You may be periodically contacted by e-mail or by phone to verify data in our system.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact Www.findcourierrates.comBook at:

Privacy Matters
[email protected]

Information Www.findcourierrates.comBook collects and how it is used. Www.findcourierrates.comBook collects information about the individual interacting with our organization (“personal information”), as well as information about the program the individual represents (“program information”). Personal and program information may be viewed and updated at any time by logging into Www.findcourierrates.comBook using your user ID and password (“Www.findcourierrates.comBook account”). We may ask for additional information in the future to better serve you.

How Www.findcourierrates.comBook collects information. In addition to collecting information at registration, Www.findcourierrates.comBook also collects personal and program information from: book order information including titles, quantities, and prices from Www.findcourierrates.comBook Marketplace purchases, Www.findcourierrates.comBook National Book Bank distribution applications, and special surveys.

Www.findcourierrates.comBook may combine information submitted during participation in any Www.findcourierrates.comBook program into a comprehensive profile that will allow us to better serve you and provide you with the best possible level of service.

Www.findcourierrates.comBook uses the data collected to provide members with valuable information including, but not limited to:

  • findcourierrates.comBook National Book Bank distributions
  • findcourierrates.comBook Marketplace specials
  • Opportunities to receive books as a result of Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s alliances with its partners
  • Programmatic updates
  • Volunteer opportunities

How Www.findcourierrates.comBook Will Not Use Your Information

Information sharing. Www.findcourierrates.comBook will only share organization information with entities outside Www.findcourierrates.comBook in the following limited circumstances:

  • findcourierrates.comBook may provide information about your organization to Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s partners as part of a campaign that will provide your organization with means to receive books as a result of participation in one of Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s programs. We may release an organization’s name, location, mission, and/or history of involvement with Www.findcourierrates.comBook as part of such a campaign. Www.findcourierrates.comBook will not provide this information to a third party outside the above parameters without your prior consent.
  • findcourierrates.comBook may use anonymous demographic information to provide Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s partners with a profile of the types of organizations Www.findcourierrates.comBook serves as a way of demonstrating the power of the mission.
  • findcourierrates.comBook may disclose aggregated information (such as the total number of organizations or the total number of children Www.findcourierrates.comBook serves) about registered organizations to Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s partners as a way of demonstrating the power of the mission.
  • findcourierrates.comBook may provide your organization’s name, mission statement and location (only city and state) to its partners in order to further the Www.findcourierrates.comBook mission. Www.findcourierrates.comBook will notprovide your organization’s exact location, point of contact, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and/or history of involvement with Www.findcourierrates.comBook as part of such a campaign to a third party outside the above without your prior consent.

Www.findcourierrates.comBook will not disclose an organization’s contact information without prior consent. Www.findcourierrates.comBook does not sell personal information or organization information and will not provide any information to other entities for commercial purposes such as marketing.

Www.findcourierrates.comBook will not share personal information of any kind with entities outside Www.findcourierrates.comBook without consent. However, Www.findcourierrates.comBook may disclose personal information when compelled to do so by law, or under the reasonable belief that such disclosure is necessary to conform to applicable law or other legal processes.

How Www.findcourierrates.comBook uses cookies and tracking links. When you log into your Www.findcourierrates.comBook account, our website sends one or more cookies, a small file containing a string of characters, to your computer that anonymously identifies your browser. Www.findcourierrates.comBook uses cookies only to enhance your experience on Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s web properties. To learn more about cookies, or to set your browser to discontinue acceptance of cookies, please consult your browser’s help function. Please note that many Www.findcourierrates.comBook features will function improperly if your browser is not set to accept cookies.

Www.findcourierrates.comBook may use links on its web properties that enable it to track whether those links have been followed. This function helps Www.findcourierrates.comBook discern how certain web properties are utilized by its network.

How your Www.findcourierrates.comBook account differs from your payment account. For certain services, such as the Www.findcourierrates.comBook Marketplace, credit card or e-check information is requested. This information is stored in a separate “payment account” and, to protect the security of your financial information, is not contained in your Www.findcourierrates.comBook account. Because this policy only concerns your Www.findcourierrates.comBook account, the terms of this policy do not extend to your payment account. For concerns about your payment account, please contact Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s Help Team at (866) READ-NOW (866-732-3669) [email protected]

Opting out of e-mail communications. You have the right to opt-out of e-mail communications from Www.findcourierrates.comBook. All Www.findcourierrates.comBook communications have an option that enables you to unsubscribe from that mailing. Please note, however, that unsubscribing from Www.findcourierrates.comBook mailings will limit and/or eliminate your ability to receive information about upcoming Www.findcourierrates.comBook National Book Bank distributions, Www.findcourierrates.comBook Marketplace promotions and other opportunities to receive books and educational materials for your program.

Information security. Www.findcourierrates.comBook takes appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to, or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of personal information and organization information. Access to personal information and program information is limited to Www.findcourierrates.comBook staff.

Data integrity. Www.findcourierrates.comBook uses personal information and organization information only in accordance with this policy. Www.findcourierrates.comBook periodically reviews the methods by which it collects, stores and maintains data. Because Www.findcourierrates.comBook understands the necessity to keep such information up-to-date, you may be contacted periodically in order to keep your personal and organization data current.

User ID and password agreement. You are responsible for all actions taken with your user ID and password. Therefore, Www.findcourierrates.comBook recommends that you do not disclose your password to any third party. If you choose to disclose your user ID and password to a third party, you are responsible for all actions taken with your account. If you feel that your password has been compromised you should immediately change your password and contact Www.findcourierrates.comBook’s security team by [email protected] or by calling (202) 393-1222.

Changes to this policy. Please note that as Www.findcourierrates.comBook adds programs or alters its services, this policy may change. All changes to this policy will be posted on this page. Unless otherwise noted, the changes will take effect as of the date the update is posted on this page. Your continued participation in Www.findcourierrates.comBook programs is indication that you agree with and will adhere to the most current privacy policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this policy, your sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate your Www.findcourierrates.comBook account.