Online Job Tips


While enrolled in this program. We will train and instruct you to maximize your thinking in the best way to come out with an innovative idea to bring the online market in place.

First, of all we have to settle in thinking what kind of online business will we make? For this case we will set selling calendars as example.

Step 1: We should determine the market and offering demand . Here we should find our niche and finding your sweet spots. The sweet spots is the intersection of what your really enjoy doing , what you are good at and what somebody will pay you for. Once you are in this place you will be far doing better  to be able to market your product.

Next as you are able to determine what you want to market we will proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Determine your pricing . This might go a little bit of grain here. But when you are starting you often want to undercut the other competitors in the market. Why? so that people will choose you rather than the competition that is already started there for a long time. And since you don’t have testimonials nor trust from the market and its people what you can only do it to compete with price.  But you won’t do this for long. You’ll do this until you can have raving customers that come after your products.

Step 3: Determine how long it will take to make your first sale

If you’ll make your first sale in 6 months then you’ll probably need a worth year income. If you don’t have any money that will really be a hard problem. So invest and save a lot. You’ll have to take risk in business.

And lastly

Step 4: You should brand your own self wit the rest. Having a unique identity makes you more known and famous after the rest and the others.